About Us

GOLDEN TOWER SECURITIES & HOLDING’S, INC. (GTSHI) is a wholly owned Philippine-based company that was incorporated in December 1993 with an authorized capital of Php12 million. The capitalization was increased to P20 million in July 2005, then to P25 million in January until the capitalization became P50 million by February 2010.

The company was granted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the license to operate as broker-dealer of securities and became member of the Makati Stock Exchange, then later with the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE) ) after the merger of the two local bourses. As member, GTSHI has consistently provided efficient and professional services to its clients and for almost 23 years created a reputation to its clients as one of the better personalized services in the industry.

GTSHI is also is compliant per latest audit made in 2015 by the Capital Markets Integrity Corporation.

Kenneth S. Lao – Nominee/Director/Chairman/President
Beatriz Lao - Treasurer
Michael Tan Koa - Director/Vice President for General Services
Bryce Anthony Zialcita - Corporate Secretary

Associated Person:
Leslie Gwen Iris R. Alcaraz